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Pursuing Your Happiness

Pursuing Your Happiness

PURSUING YOUR HAPPINESS I remember driving back from work in West Virginia years ago when I was debating on talking to the father of our two children and husband of 20 years about a separation.  As I was driving in a blur of thoughts, I saw this sign when I entered...

As seen on: Talk Pittsburgh on CBS-KDKA

Untying Loves’ Knots: Navigating Divorce & Healing Trauma

Join the dynamic duo of Melissa, a divorce coach from “I Do, I Did, I’m Done!” and Tanya, a somatic trauma-informed coach and narcissistic trauma recovery specialist from “Impart Clarity” as they launch their new collaborative podcast that will be taking a dive deep into the topics of divorce and healing trauma. The hosts share their professional backgrounds and knowledge, talk about what to expect in upcoming episodes, and explain the kinds of guests who will be invited to talk, such as attorneys, therapists, and other respected experts in their fields to share their wisdom, as well as regular people who just want to share their stories. “Untying Loves’ Knots” is a caring and open-minded podcast that aims to empower individuals who are going through a divorce and healing from trauma and in this first episode, Melissa and Tanya provide a high-level overview of the essence of this podcast.

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